The Nameless

It is the year 2016. Our little and low country has been plagued by a terrible musical drought for years. A screaming silence has in the meantime banished the most beautiful melodies from our collective memory. Defeated are the eardrums of the good taste. An apocalyptic diarrhea of musical notes threatens to swallow the country. It is black. Ink black. All hope seems to have disappeared forever.
All hope? NEEN, FEAR NOT!! Because, where rivers Maas and Waal meander through the vast prairies, past the awesome canyons of the Empire of Nijmegen, six soulmates know how to turn the tide. While galloping on their steel horse, they spread the message of forgotten art. The art of country rock. And sure it is, country!
Six kindred soulmates…
Six soulmates who sing of the rich world of country rock, where bliss and souls in pain fight each other for the hardest in the reflection of our existence. And it is, thanks to the perseverance and tenacity of these six mysterious soulmates that at this moment, in 2018, all of us can and should enjoy this wonderful music again!
But….. who are these six soulmates? What is the name of these heroes of good taste? Nobody knows. They are…. THE NAMELESS